Mother-Of-Eight Says That She Cannot Land Her Dream Job As a Mechanic Because Of An Absurd Reason!

Hi, Folks! Today we want to discuss with you something about a 37-year-old lady, a mother-of-eight that loves being a mechanic and it is her dream job but something doesn’t let her land her dream job.

This history is shared yesterday by and million of comments are made about this.Some of them positive and some other negative and this is because this history is so delicate.She says that the real reason why she cannot follow her dream being a mechanic is that men are often looking for something more and not looking to the great work she can do with wrenches.

Her name is Marie Buchan and she lives in Selly Oak, Birmingham.She claims that she always was searching to conduct some mechanic experience int he garages around her city but men will always be men, they never tried to put her skills to a test but they were looking for something else.

For example, while searching for a garage to share her experience in this job, she says that some guys working there said to her what would she do if her kids were not around or someone else asked her to go for a beer while her children were not around.

Aren’t these too much for a female that wants to introduce herself in the car world? What do you girls think? She wants that these things should be stopped and the female must not be seen as sex symbols.We want to see what do you guys think about this situation so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family as well.

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