Motorcyclists VS The Cops In This Adrenaline Filled Police Chase!

We have witnessed several different videos that featured motorcyclists against the cops on the road. It is usually one or two riders attempting to evade the police cruisers by using their lightweight speed to their advantage. However, in this video we witness a road battle unlike anything else we have ever witnessed.

An entire group of motorcyclists work together to escape the flashing lights and fury of a local Chicago police officer. The officer in the police cruiser is dedicated and determined to catch these rowdy riders, but ultimately his efforts fall short! He even goes as far as trying to run them off of the road, but he ends up looking like an idiot as they all end up passing him and leaving him in their dust!

No one was in the right in this video. All of the people involved reacted irresponsibly and could have caused some serious harm to both themselves and others on the road! We do not recommend any of our followers to follow in the steps of these motorcyclists, but it is definitely entertaining to watch such a wild chase! To watch it all unfold click the video below!

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