This Motorized Unicycle Offers a whole New World To Unicycle Riders! DOPE OR NOPE?!

As long as humans roam the earth we will continue seeing new creations and innovations ESPECIALLY in the automotive world. People love to create new and exciting engine powered mechanisms. In this video we get a looks at an interesting creation that plays off of the classic unicycle. However, instead of being powered by the feet of the rider it is powered by an electric engine!

Priced at close to $1000 this compact unicycle is certainly a fun toy, but definitely not something you can conquer the streets in. This video offers a full review of the unicycle motorcycle and allows you to see it in action.

All of the people who ride the unicycle in this video rate it and it is interesting to see the different experiences everyone has with it! To check out the electric unicycle for yourself click the video below!

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