Mustang Crashes Into A Cake Shop! They Said Owning A Mustang Would Be A Cake Walk

A Ford Mustang can be the lot of machine to handle. Especially one with the V8. As such, they need to be approached with the respect and handled with care. This driver of the particular pony car, however, apparently did not.

Captured in Southern California is footage of what looks like the brand-new Mustang GT that crashed into the cake shop. Hey, accidents happen, right?

They do indeed, and judging by the driver’s attitude, we would venture that there is more than the decent chance that there was the large degree of recklessness involved as well.

I’m chillin’, bro about sums up a douchebag driver’s attitude towards a situation as he tries to get his bashed-up ‘Stang started again.

And once he did, he apparently drove off in the hurry, having given the fake number to the guy in a smashed Nothing Bundt Cake franchise at The District at the Tustin Legacy shopping complex, just north of Irvine in a metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Justice may yet be served, though, as this stupid little punk of the driver – who probably shouldn’t have been let anywhere near the Chevy Spark or Nissan Versa, let alone the Mustang GT – was said to have been apprehended by police. Here is hoping he never drives again.



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