Who Needs A Drift Car When You Have a Silverado Drift Truck?

Alright guys, I want y’all to make this a new thing. Being a resident of the great state of Alabama, I know there are literally thousands of trucks just like this one all over my home state as well as the rest of the southeast and beyond, and I think it’s time we found a way to put them to work in a totally different way, and I think Ofroad Drifting is perfect!

First I have to hit you with a disclaimer: if you’re gonna be stupid, be stupid alone. Don’t do this in an area that will affect other drivers or anybody else’s property. Beat on your own truck on your own land or somewhere you have express consent to be. We can’t have anybody coming to us and saying we’re responsible for your stupidity because of this article, so I’m alleviating myself of any obligation right here by saying if you do this, you’re doing so at your own risk!

Now, that being said, this looks like a ton of fun and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. I’m going to say up front this guy sets the bar way up there, so you are really gonna have to get gnarly to get my attention, but I have a feeling the Speed Society nation can come up with some awesome footage for us to share.


As for this video, it starts out innocently enough as something many of us have done: finishing off a set of rear tires before replacing them. However, what looks to be a simple burnout turns into an afternoon of offroad drifting through fields and across what appears to be an abandoned stretch of road. He does donuts and power slides while bouncing around thanks to the uneven terrain.

Finally, the tires are done in and the truck is fighting off overheating issues, so our buddies call it a day, but not before giving us a look at the tire they set out to finish off and just how good a job they did!


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