Never Seen Before! 1.9 Million Pound Generator Moved By The Legendary Mammoet Transport!

Mammoet Transport is renowned for moving massive things. They lift, transport and install large and heavy structures all over the globe. At almost 2 million pounds, this massive generator has to be one of the heaviest loads to ever be transported on the roads of North America.

You can see a huge convoy of trucks pulling and pushing one insanely massive rig that is used for hauling the 1.9 million pounds cargo from South Carolina to North Carolina. For all of you that likes to keep scores, this rig is using approximately 36 axles in order to spread the weight accordingly without damaging the road.

This Mammoet Transport rig is also using four huge semi-trucks that deliver the needed power to transport the generator carefully and slowly down the road. The Mammoet rig is self-propelled, however, at nearly 2 million pounds, the massive generator is just way too heavy for this rig to move it on its own.

We can also notice some security vehicles that are following the gigantic rig. But we can`t understand why, it`s not like some bad guys are going to come and steal the 950 tons generator.

This is definitely impressive and something we have never seen before. So, if you are fascinated as we are, you can check Mammoet`s other videos on their YouTube channel.



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