This Is Why You Never Trust a Diesel Truck!

Somewhere along the way, somebody figured out that these torque monsters are good for a lot more than hauling around cargo. With just the right modifications, you can make one of these monsters, that is already laden with torque, something to be feared out on this drag strip as well and this time, from Street Car Takeover out in Atlanta, we check out a Cummins powered Dodge Ram that is kicking behind and taking names. This thing has some serious bite behind its bark and we don’t even see the full potential of the machine until they turn it up for the final pass!

If you follow along in the video below, you will see exactly why you never want to sleep on anything these days, even if it comes in the form of a big and heavy diesel truck. Sure, these machines might have a lot of weight behind them but when you look at the numbers they’re making, the torque is plenty to get them out of the hole and the horsepower will keep them going as they barrel their way through the finish line to even more impressive times. Prepare to drop your jaw at this unsuspecting ride.


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