NITROUS Opel – Small Car But Big Tire KILLER!

This 1967 Opel Kadett B coupe is one nitrous killer that no other vehicle wants to see on the road. This is because this vehicle has become the ultimate race car after a team has finished working on it.

Now it is featuring a nitrous oxide tanks in a trunk and the fear is above the vehiicle and the other drivers see it.

How much money would you bet on the car winning the race? All in the world and there is no person on this planet that would bet differently.

It is almost certain that the 1967 Opel Kadett B coupe has been the racer that is hiding, now it is out in the open, racing its way to the top.

Even though this vehicle belongs to the old timers family it has been rebuilt, now it is running better than the average super vehicles on the market.


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