How Not To Load A Ford F-350 Dually On A Trailer

When it comes to properly loading and securing vehicles on a trailer, the process can double as an art and a science. As simple as it might seem, we’ve definitely seen more than our fair share of people managing to butcher the process in some way, shape, or form.

This time, it looks like the people behind making sure that this Ford F-350 dually made it up on a trailer are going to have some major explaining to do either to the owner of the truck or to the insurance company as they’ve managed to do some major damage.

We watch as the dually approaches the trailer and begins to roll up on it, when all of a sudden, the trailer begins to roll forward and the ramps pop up, piercing the back of the truck in cringeworthy fashion, doing some big dollar damage to it!

Check out the video below that shows us how exactly these guys went about botching the process and destroying a pretty clean looking truck. Hey, look on the positive side, guys, at least this served as a nice little learning process, or at least it should have.



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