Off-duty Cop Interrupts Road Rage Brawl On The Streets Of Chula Vista!

Road rage is one of the worst things you can experience while out on the road. While some people stick to hand gestures and cuss words others get their kicks by confrontation and full on physical aggression. More often than not it does not take much to spark full on road rage and we get a first hand example in this video caught on the streets of Chula Vista.

We are not quite sure what sparked this ridiculous road rage brawl, but the result left a pair of couples squaring up in the middle of traffic and causing quite a scene. It does not take long before someone attempts to break up the fight and fortunately it was an off duty police officer!

Things get broken up quickly, but everyone observing is left scratching their head in confusion. It may be hard to make sense of, but it is definitely amusing to see them get handled by a police officer serving his community even while he is off of work!

To witness the insanity click below!



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