IT’S OFFICIAL! Comeback Of The Ford BRONCO! What To Expect? Check Out This VIDEO!

Any SUV fan would be glad to hear that the famous Ford Bronco is coming back! That is correct, after a 20 year pause, Ford decided to bring back the Ford Bronco by the year 2020! They made the official announcement at the North American International Auto show, which was held on January 9th, 2017.

Also, a new Ford Bronco concept appeared, and it looks stunning! This particular concept is based off of the Ford F-150 Raptor. If this is how Ford decides to make the new Ford Bronco look, we are absolutely sure that it will be a huge hit!

Whether the new Bronco will be based on this new Ford Bronco concept remains to be seen. What we do know however, is that it will be midsize SUV. Furthermore, its production will be in the same place where the Bronco was originally built, in Ford`s Michigan assembly plant.

These are joyful news for any Ford and SUV lover, and we are certain that when the new Bronco hits the market, it will be a success. Until that moment comes, the best we can do is speculate how it will look and how good it will be. We are sure that Ford will not disappoint.



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