Old vs New: 1974 Ford Highboy vs Raptor Off Road Review!

Do you prefer the old-school badass trucks, or are you more fond of the modern high-tech off roaders? No matter which category you belong in, it’s safe to say that the video we have in store for today will amaze you.

It showcases two very different trucks which come from the same company. One is the highly coveted new Raptor, a class-leading monster of today, while the other is a more traditional pickup that’s a blast from the past. We are talking about the awesome 1974 Ford Highboy!

Automotive presenters Roman and Tommy from Youtube channel The Fast Lane Truck decided to visit the infamous cliffhanger rocky terrains in order to examine just how badass these vehicles truly are. Don’t write off the old bird just yet, as the 1974 Highboy already surprised us on multiple occasions.

Still, it’s undoubtedly that the younger monster will have the upper hand here, but will the vintage pickup conquer these rough terrains as well? Click on the video below and see it with your own eyes. Which of the two do you prefer?


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