Which One Is Better Between Automatic And Manual Transmission? Check Out Some Facts About Both Of Them!

Automatic and manual gearbox: what would u choose?

We analyze together the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic transmission and manual transmission.
As for the manual transmission, they have no need for specific cooling systems, while automatic transmissions often have special radiators.Subjectively represents the tradition and the pleasure of driving. Increased energy efficiency, in particular for the use of the clutch instead of the torque converter. Greater decision-making power on the state of the gearbox. The automatic can decide to change gears at a time even if the driver does not want it.

They are both cheap in terms of production and maintenance.
On the other hand, the automatic transmission has the good advantage of easier hill starts and mountain guide.
Subjectively it represents simplicity and comfort.

You do not run the risk of including the wrong gear with the possible damage to gearbox and engine.
In traffic jams in the city stress, it is reduced considerably.

We come finally to the automatic transmission maintenance.

Maintenance of automatic gearbox must never be neglected because you can end up with disappointments of breakage and premature wear.
Maintenance of the automatic transmission should be carried out according to the mileage provided by the manufacturer, virtually a question of replacing the hydraulic oil and also the oil filter.



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