Oscar Mayer Gets Better Hot Dogs In Hands Across America By Adding Two New Vehicles To Its WienerFleet

Oscar Mayer is gearing up to celebrate a 4th of July and by adding the two new vehicles to its WienerFleet which currently consists of the Wienermobile, WienerRover, and WienerMini.

First up, the WienerCycle is the three-wheel moped which is described as the ideal for tricky urban deliveries. The moped is powered by the 8.5 hp (6.3 kW) engine, it can hold up to eight hot dogs in its sidecar warming station.

Of course, the real coup de grâce is a new WienerDrone that is being billed as world’s first “unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft.

This drone can carry one hot dog at the time and it can travel up to 1 mile at attitudes of 1,200 feet.


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