Pete Gentile Still Has His Drag Racer “Injecticide” From The ’60s But His Latest Project Is Restoring The One That Got Away. A ’55 Ford

Peter Gentile has been working on vehicles since he was nine years old, eventually buying both the run down 1955 Chevy drag car and the Ford onvertible of the same vintage in his early 20s.

The gasser Chevy got all a go fast parts including the fuel injection to become Injecticide, the legend at Detroit Dragway when it competed between 1965 and 1972.

On the good day, they young Gentile ran the 1/4 mile in 11.77 seconds at 119 mph.

Then, after NHRA changed the rules for the 1973 season, the Chevy got retired. And today, it packs the GMC supercharger and carburetors for a modest 650 hp.


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