Place Your Bets! 1970 Dodge Challenger Vs Ford Mustang

Every time there is the drag race between probably A biggest Detroit muscle competitors like the Ford and the Dodge, one can be only certain that the temperature will start rising rapidly, the cheering battle between the fans of these legendary American muscles will be at the highest possible level.

I’m not expecting anything else in this case also, and as we have prepared you this drag battle video with two fine specimens, 1970 Dodge Challenger and with what it appears to be the 1985 Ford Mustang (forgive me for not being sure, and the author of the video below did not bother himself to give us the info about the Mustang).

As you’ll see it and feel it right from the start, a tension between these two is very high from a very beginning, in the moments when both vehicles are preparing for the launch.

High tension, clouds of smoke, and it is all there and very obvious that both drivers are feeling the adrenaline rush, cannot wait for the green light. When it happens…well, I’ll not be a spoiler and tell you the end of the detective movie. Check out this drag race and enjoy.



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