PLASTIC ROAD CONCEPT – Building A Road Faster & Would Last 3 Times Longer!

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, roads are getting a bit better and it`s not because of regular road material but recycled plastic. This road is virtually maintenance free, a very lightweight design, it`s created only in days and, it has three times the lifespan compared to regular roads. The PlasticRoad concept features various advantages when compared to traditional roads.

These advantages come both in maintenance and construction. Plastic is a material that is a lot more sustainable and also it`s a gateway for new innovations like quiet road surfaces, modular construction and heated roads. Additionally, this concept features a space where pipes, cables and rainwater can be used.

It`s has three times the higher life expectancy than traditional roads because it`s more resistant to wear and the elements. It`s totally not affected by weather and corrosion. The very structure of this road can handle extremely high temperatures such as 80 degrees or extremely low such as -40 degrees. This road won`t have any problems with chemical corrosion as well.

This means much less detours and traffic jams because road maintenance won`t be needed. The PlasticRoad concept really does sound like marvel of modern technology and road building. All of that recycled plastic will be put to a very good use. Check out the concept below and tell us what you think! Isn’t this a cool idea?



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