Possibly The CLEANEST Supra You’re Ever Gonna See!

Supra is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most popular sports cars of all time. This iconic machine became so legendary due to its impeccable styling, and most of all, its jaw-dropping performances. After only a couple of mods, these things are known to be able to reach insane speeds, so it’s no wonder why the world went crazy over them.

Even nowadays, their popularity doesn’t seem to go down, and every once in a while, we get to see one of these monster dominating the tracks. The one you’re about to check out is extremely clean, but boy, is it incredibly fast! Powered by a 2JZ-GTE engine, this monster eats up the track in no time!

However, on this day, the side wind was extremely strong, which made it tough on the driver to display the Supra’s full potential, and possibly reach 200 mph! Still, this gentleman refused to give up, and the results were truly epic! To check out this beast in action, click on the video below and enjoy the show.



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