Power Wheels F-150 Makes Us Want to be Kids Again

$349.99 is a small price to pay for relived youth.

The first 2015 Ford F-150 has hit the market, but this one doesn’t come with the aluminum body we’ve all been hearing about. This is made of plastic. Set to hit toy stores in September, Ford and Fisher Price have revealed the latest iteration of the Power Wheels F-150 ride-on toy truck.

The motorized miniature rides on a shiny set of chrome alloys, has room for two (little) people, and comes with awesome features including a functional tailgate, power-lock brakes, FM radio, LED lights and special sound effects.

Designed to perform in the toughest backyard driving conditions,” the Power Wheels F-150 can hit a top speed of 5 mph, has a rechargeable 12-volt battery with a 500-mile lifetime range and is priced at $349.99. Anyone that says they don’t won’t one of these is lying.



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