This Is How Your Properly Roast A Turkey! This Flash Fire Jet Truck Shows How It’s Done!

Some of us prefer our Thanksgiving turkey baked, other people might prefer to be deep fried in order to get the best possible taste out of it. However, this new method shown in this video, might be the greatest of them all.

Instead of taking the usual and traditional way to a good Thanksgiving dinner, you can try out this method. It includes a flash fire jet truck cooking up a delicious Thanksgiving turkey.

Isn`t this great or what? The turkey is securely fastened on the back of the jet truck. Then the jet engine is fired up, cooking the turkey in mere seconds.
So, if you prefer your turkey blackened, then this is the way to go. All nice and crispy. Back in the days, the jet engine was science fiction. Now we are mounting it on trucks and cooking our Thanksgiving turkey with it.

We don`t doubt that it will be something extraordinary. Make sure to watch the video, and tell us if you like your meat all nice and crispy.



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