He pulled over a rushed student but how the situation ended will make your day – The coolest cop EVER!

What happened in this video was the last thing we were expecting to. Don’t ask why because you will understand after you’ll see it yourself.It ended in the funniest way ever.It started as a police action where a rushed student was pulled over by the coolest cop ever.

All of us will want to get pulled over by cops like this at least once.He saw that this wasn’t the best day for this young guy and decided to not make his life harder.On the other hand, the student knew exactly how to talk to him as well.

Instead of taking an expensive ticket, this student got away with his tie tied in the perfect way ever because this cop knew exactly how to do it.Check out the video yourself because this is the only way you can believe how the situation ended.Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as well.Enjoy!

Check it out!



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