This Range Rover Is A Piece Of Restored British Royalty

When it comes to the classic Range Rovers, it is hard to find one that hasn’t been used properly by its previous owners. It is always nice to hear the capable early two-doors were driven as intended, and decades later, usually the restoration is in order. Even this Range Rover—owned by a Royal Household itself—was in need of the refreshing.

After Phil Holland, owner of the British restoration shop Twenty-Ten Engineering, came into possession of this neglected Range Rover, and he learned that it had in fact been delivered to a Royal family when new. Talk about the nice find.

Phil Holland knew the truck, given its history, needed the proper restoration. So he took 18 months bringing the mid-70s two-door back to the nearly perfect state. Petrolicious put together the video of Phil Holland and the Royal truck driving through England, and as always, it is extremely enjoyable to watch. Take the look for yourself as it zips through some B-roads.



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