Is This Raven Black 1974 Ford F-100 the Holy Grail?

Many would argue that the 70’s saw the pinnacle of Ford Trucks. These are probably the most beloved among the enthusiasts that frequent our site, for obvious reasons. The 1970’s brought some of the best looking, toughest, and most reliable trucks ever build by the Blue Oval.

That makes this 1974 F-100 one of the best-of-the-best. Fully restored back to its original glory, there aren’t exactly a lot of bones to pick with this one. It’s a short bed, for one, which is rare given the number of long beds out there, and then there’s that fantastic Raven Black paint job.

Adding to the “want” factor is the Ranger XLT package, four-wheel drive, power steering and brakes, air conditioning, and cruise control. Under the hood is a 390 that has been rebuilt with a host of performance parts. Needless to say, this is a truly well optioned truck.

The interior has been similarly redone, with new seat foam and cover, carpet kit, seat belts, weatherstripping, and paint. Quite a bit of time and care was spent restoring what was already a great truck and it shows.



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