Remember The Infamous “Ice Car”? Watch It Liberated From Frozen Shell!

Remember the hot weather that was melting cars in London in the article we share with you yesterday? Well, today we want to share with your something more extreme.The extreme opposite situation, the cold.You must remember the frozen car that went viral on the internet a few weeks before.

It was parked right next to the freezing Lake Eerie.It was extremely cold that day it got frozen in a horrible condition.You couldn’t even find the door to open it.It was completely covered in thick ice.I don’t want to be in its owner’s shoes when it comes to this situation.

Anyway, he couldn’t leave it in that condition and he must do something about it.His friends said that only the hot weather can help his car return back in life but he couldn’t wait that long for the sun to rise up.He called up a towing company to help him save his car.Watch what happened in the video we brought for you today and tell us what do you think about it.Share it with your friends and family as well.Enjoy!

Check it out!



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