Remove Carbon From Piston, Cylinder Walls And Block Deck With This Easy Tutorial!

How to maintain your engine by removing carbon from block deck, piston and cylinder walls.

We are so busy forcing our engines to make power that we sometimes forget that they also need a little maintenance.
The chemical reactions that happen in your engine produce carbon buildup as a result of not creating completely efficient energy.

This thick substance can cause a lot of damage to your engine but that doesn’t mean you have to rush and replace it with a new one.
Here is a simple way to remove this dirty substance from your pistons, chamber and block deck and make your engine work again brand new.

First, you can check that the surface of the inside of your engine has a lot of dirt and leftover materials that create different spots comparing the straight surface. There is where your work begins. The basic tools you need to use are a pair of safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself and most importantly these three useful tools: scrubby pads, a really nice scrubber, and the WD-40 nonaerosol pro trigger.

Now, this may seem like a scary work to do but it turns out to be just pretty easy and very useful for sure. Save yourself some money and time and do this little job yourself.

Check it out!



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