Repairing A $30,000 Damaged Giant Tire Is A Hell Of Work To Do

Getting the flat tire has never been convenient, but with the little practice, you can have the flat off and the spare on in as little as 10 minutes.

Then it’s just the matter of heading to your local tire shop for the replacement. Sure, good tires are expensive, and you probably won’t ever have to declare bankruptcy after replacing one.

But what if instead of the car, you get the tire puncture on your bulldozer? Those tires are bigger than most vehicles, and can easily cost $30,000 apiece.

At that kind of price, taking care of the problem is the little more complicated than whipping out your Visa at the local Midas.

But we never knew how you would repair such a large tire. As it turns out, the process is incredibly complicated and also absolutely fascinating.

The video below itself is only 14 minutes long, but it looks like it took hours to complete. And considering how much the tire is worth, and we don’t even want to think about how much the patch cost. This video explains how to repair giant earthmover vehicle tires with solutions created by Rema Tip Top.



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