Ripping on a Turbo Pickup Truck, Laying Rubber in the Streets

If you follow along with Sloppy Mechanics on Facebook, you know that the idea behind the whole brand is to build things as easily as possible, going down the path of least resistance that will also keep your money in your pocket.

Essentially, the goal is to use as many factory components as possible while maybe adding a little bit of boost to the equation in order to have fun street cars to toy around in and these guys really know how to take a budget and components that a lot of people would probably upgrade, and stretch them to the absolute limit, making some really fun toys with them as they come up with some creative DIY methods.

This time, the vehicle in question is none other than the head Slop in Charge’s very own personal pickup truck, a Chevrolet Colorado that makes some decent juice to the tires. This time, it’s nothing more than a little bit of a casual ride along, taking a stroll throughout the countryside as the truck is turned up little by little, showing just how fun it can be to drive a truck with right around 600 hp.

In a landscape online where these builds can easily be lost thanks thanks to the countless four-digit power figures that are always being thrown around, it really seems like the setup is right for just about anyone to have a blast.

If you follow along below, be sure to turn your volume up and sit back and relax so that you can enjoy this little demonstration that takes what was once an otherwise average pickup and shows you just what’s possible with a little bit of elbow grease, patience, and ingenuity. Be sure to give us your take on this monster as it does its best of leaving a couple of black marks as it moseys down the street.



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