Road Trains In Australia – The World’s Longest Truck

Longest truck in the World.

Australia is Unusual Land, this Land was preserved for Whole Eternity, and people here are quite different from whole World. Here you can find animals and insects, which you cannot find in any other point on the Planet Earth.The same situation is which machinery. Only in Australia you can find longest truck in the World.

Because of lack of railroad transport Australians were used to find the way for delivering goods. They found brilliant technical solution. Trucks need to run long distances on rough country on daily basis. In the outback town are so far away that special truck is required. Several trailers are joint together to made one long road train. Roads in outback are straight and empty – perfect conditions to operate road trains.

Various loads are transported from the Center of the Country to the most populated cities on the coast. Australian Mining Company is operating longest Truck in the World. This Centipede is custom-built machine. This is 200 ton and 160 ft. long. It is equipped with 18 speed Gearbox, 550 horsepower, and carries about a ton of fuel. This monster has 110 wheels on 28 axles.

Centipede transports Zink ore from Northern Territory towards the port, which situated hundreds miles away, and it works 24/7. In just one year this truck transports 250.000 tons of ore. Australians rely heavily on these machines, and plan to build longer road train. Mining Company recently built one more Centipede and now we can find two Longest Trucks in the World cruising on the Australian roads.One more unusual truck is Mamoet platform, which can transport any load you can just imagine.

Any size and any weight can be transported on this platform. It is consisted from several platforms that are joint together. All wheels can turn 360 degrees, this permits this joint platform move is any direction: either front, back, sideways, or even diagonal, as well as on the circle. This thing is remote control vehicle, and operated very easily.

500 ton gas tank can be transported hundreds of miles, just with one person operating this huge and clever truck. There is no limits for the size and weight of the load for this huge modular-based truck.



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