Rock Stuck on Dually Trucks Tires Old Farmer’s Trick Saves The Day!

As someone who has never owned a dually truck, even I could see that, perhaps having twice the number of wheels out back could come with certain challenges that wouldn’t be had by trucks with a standard wheelbase.

However, that doesn’t mean that these trucks come without advantages because they most certainly do have massive upside. In this one, we take a look at one of the potential drawbacks that you might run into with a dually style truck that could give you a really hard time if you don’t know how exactly to go about handling it.

You see, should a rock get nice and wedged in between the rear tires, if you keep on driving like that, it could definitely do some damage and, when a truck that weighs in at thousands of pounds and has taken that weight and used it to cram the rock into place, it’s definitely not something that you’re going to easily be able to get out by hand.


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