Rolling Coal Like A Boss! Chevrolet Duramax Colorado With An Insane Turbo Setup!

The Colorado it`s big, it`s tall and 6000 pounds heavy. It`s got a lot of payload and towing capacity. But what these guys made out of it, is absolutely insane. You can see a Chevrolet Duramax Colorado engine build with an enormous turbo setup.

It`s rocking a set of Precision 91mm turbo. This translates into 1000 HP and 1800 lb-ft of torque! On top of all of this, it has a nitrous ready for an additional extra 250 HP.

The guys who are responsible for this extremely powerful Duramax-swapped Chevrolet Colorado are the custom house – “The Diesel Shop”. Just wait till you see this beasty thing pull.

This coal-spewing beast will definitely hurt the feelings of some Prius owners. Nevertheless, it`s a wonderful machine. We also love how it drives under full boost.

It`s very clean and not blowing massive smoke. These guys are obviously one of the best in what they are doing. This Chevrolet Duramax Colorado is a diesel, but it sounds like a very mean gas V8 engine.

We can also see a footage from more than a year ago when it “only” had 600HP. It`s making short work out of a R35 GTR back then. Imagine what it can do now with all that power?



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