The Rolls-Royce SUV Is Going To The Arctic, Luxuriously


The saga of Rolls-Royce’s stubborn refusal to call its Project Cullinan SUV an SUV continues on. Rolls calls it a “high-sided” and “all-terrain” vehicle and the mule is ready for its first public appearance.

The mule will have the new all-wheel drive suspension system and the new all-aluminum underpinnings that will be used in all Rolls-Royce cars from 2018 on. Rolls wants to send this thing everywhere—and I mean everywhere—to test out its, er, “Effortless… Everywhere” mantra.

It’s pretty early in the development game, but I don’t think driving the Rolls-Royce SUV requires any less effort than a normal car, but what do I know.

Right after the holidays, the SUV’s first stop will be the Arctic Circle for traction and cold weather testing, as well as to scope out the wealthy clientele in that highly populated region.

From there it will go to the Middle East to bake in the desert sun. I wish it the best of luck.



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