These Six-Cylinder Motorcycles Are The Only 12 On The Planet!

I hope you are ready to check out some very cool, and rather rare motorcycles? Great, because the dozen motorcycles on this video are the only production six-cylinder motorcycles that have ever been made!

They are the Honda CBX 1000, the 2017 BMW K 1600 GT, the beautiful HOREX VR6 Roadster, Honda RC174 6 cylinder 297cc, the Benelli 900 sei with 6-in-6 exhaust, the popular 1988 Honda GoldWing GL1500, the FGR Midalu 2500 V6 motorcycle, the Laverda 1000 V6 spa motorcycle, the 2012 Honda RC164 250cc 6 cylinder Race Retro.

the Bix Six KZ1300-81 motorcycle, the Kawasaki Z1300 Big Six motorcycle, and the 1997 Honda Valkyrie F6C motorcycle. And, you want to know what is especially cool about a six-cylinder motorcycle? Yeah, they pump out an epic engine sound!



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