Slowest Reaction Time We’ve EVER Seen

The moment we get our driver’s license, and we have the very false impression we know how to drive. In reality, driving school only covers part of the basics.

Sadly for ourselves and those around us as well, we are thrown out in this world and left on our own to learn all the rest. Some people catch up more quickly, and others go to their graves without ever becoming at least decent drivers, and having covered millions of miles nevertheless.

When a road is covered in snow, everybody – well, almost everybody – is aware of a lower grip and the danger it poses, and they lower the speed and drive more carefully. In the wet, however, things don’t appear to be so drastic, so you will see plenty of drivers behave just as if the sun was up.

Lower speed and the greater gap between the vehicle in front are just two of the most fundamental measures anyone can get.


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