Somebody Says That You Can Get Free Gas With This 40 Year Old Mechanical Code – True Or Another Lie?

The reason we shared this post today is just for discussion with our visitors.There is no other reason like pushing you to try this old method and get free gas because you may get arrested and finish in the jail.So folks, just tell us your opinion about it and never try it unless the gas station is owned by your friends or family.

We will try explaining it in simple words because it is a simple method as well.It consists of an old mechanical code that makes pumps give gas without paying for it.

It starts with three short pumps, then two long pumps, then one short pump, then two long pumps again, then three short pumps and voila, your car is getting filled up with free gas.Do you think it still works? Tell us what do you think about it and share it with your friends and family.Maybe they know two or three things about it.Enjoy!

Check it out!



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