This Spray Helps you to Stop Replacing Tires


One of the biggest expenses that you will have on a normal car that you have to replace quite regularly is that of the tires. It’s something that you’d rather not think about as getting a new set of rubber can cost hundreds of dollars, however, it’s one of the most important things that you’ll find underneath of you. While it is something that people try to forget about and push off as long as they possibly can, not caring for your tires is a good formula for disasters as they can get worn down and put you in a dangerous place quicker than you realize it. I think that it’s more worth it to spend the money up front and than to spend time regretting it after you just wrecked your car because you didn’t replace your rubber.

Now, to remedy the situation, this isn’t something that we would necessarily sign our name to as we’re not 100% sure that it’s a surefire way to extend the life of your tires, however, using a conditioner to keep your rubber away from the dry and brittle state that it’s naturally going want to go to, you might be able to add a little bit of extra mileage to your tires after all.

I guess that the concept here is the keep that rubber nice, flexible, and dark, so that you know it’s not wearing away at an inappropriate rate. If all goes as according to plan, you can definitely see where that would save you some mileage.

If you follow along down below, you’ll see a couple of experiments that put this rubber conditioner to the test to see how exactly it works and how it might be able to help you in your particular situation. After seeing exactly what this side of the argument has to offer, be sure to tell us if you think this is something that you think could work in a widespread way. Helping out with preventing unnecessary tire expenses is definitely something that we could see people getting behind.


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