Stout Turbo Silverado Rolls Out with a Simple Setup

This single cab Silverado is a perfect example of just that. With a fairly tame 402 stroker and a moderately-sized turbo, this short bed Chevy relies on a tried and true combo that makes great power without breaking the bank.

This truck laid down nearly 1,000 horsepower through an automatic transmission, meaning the engine is most likely making north of 1,200 after factoring in drivetrain loss.

On a fairly soft launch in the Vegas heat, this boosted Silverado laid down a 10.54 at 135 MPH, some impressive numbers for it’s first time to the track. With a little harder launch and some more boost, there’s no reason this little pickup can’t push the 9-second zone at well over 140 MPH. In this case, we’d have to say less really is more!

While we certainly love to see over-the-top, max effort builds, often the adage “less is more” applies to anything automotive, including turbo setups.

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