Straight Exhaust vs. H-Pipe vs. X-Pipe – What Is The Best Option?

Are you having second thoughts about your build, and you aren’t quite sure which rout to follow? We suggest you take a look at Motor Trend Channel’s hit show Engine Masters for some answers. These three brilliant mechanics test out the most popular engine myths, and provide us with clear and concise results.

On this episode, the boys decided to take a trustworthy 5.3L GM LS3 engine and examine what difference do exhaust setups make on the total horsepower and torque outputs.

The three setups in question are the most popular options out there: straight exhaust, H-pipe, and the X-pipe. Besides measuring the power outputs, Steve Dulcich also insisted on decibel counts, and we cannot thank him enough for his efforts.

Ultimately, while some of these setups do sound brutally good, we were kinda surprised with the results. As it turns out, the exhaust pipes don’t have a grand effect on the power output. To check out more details on this awesome experiment, click on the video below and enjoy the show! Were you surprised with the outcome?


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