Super Duty Pulls Stuck 18 Wheeler Out of Snow

Ah, winter.  Everybody’s favorite time of year, if you live in South Florida.  For those of us who reside a little further north, however, winter means something altogether different.  And while most people who get stuck or slide off the road after the first dusting of white stuff might just need some refresher courses on basic driving skills, sometimes conditions get so bad that even skilled winter drivers have little mishaps.

Here we have a little local news clip from this past winter reminding us of how bad things can get out on the roadways.  Citizens of Rochester are no doubt used to facing these conditions each and every year, and it appears that there’s at least one resident hero who isn’t afraid to jump in and help those in distress.

When a semi driver traveling down I-490 West found himself stuck on the side of the road, he didn’t have to wait for another semi to pull him and his heavy load out of the muck, only a good Samaritan equipped with a Super Duty.


Right around the 1:08 mark of this video we meet Chris Johnson, who was on his way home to Byron when he ran across several vehicles in distress.  Chris did what any responsible Ford owner would do – he pulled them all out.  Including at least one 18 wheeler.


Outside of a little tire spin in the slush, Chris’ F-250 pulled the big truck out of a snow drift without breaking a sweat.  The best part?  When the reporter asked Chris how he knew his truck would be able to pull a tractor trailer out of the snow, he simply replied “it’s a Ford.”  No further explanation needed.



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