A Terrifying Experience! Motorcycle Falls Through Railroad Track!

It is not always bad drivers that can kill you on the motorcycle. Sometimes, your mistakes can do it even when not on a road. And such is the case with the video you are about to watch. You would think that riding your enduro bike on the old railroad is the safe thing to do, especially when having to cross the small river and the only way to do it is the bridge. Well, other than looking out for the incoming train, you should also take note of the bridge’s condition.

Judging by the looks of the bridge and a rail itself, the bridge was pretty old, didn’t fail to take these two adventurers by surprise. The first biker cautiously proceeds to traverse a bridge but one of the railroad ties collapsed underneath, both him and his bike fell through the hole.

Fortunately, the amount of luggage strapped to the motorcycle stopped their fall midway through a space created, and even more luckily no train was coming soon. It really must have been the rarely circulated track as the whole rescue operation took the while.

The second rider first had to tie the front of the motorcycle to a track to keep it from falling under this bridge while the trapped rider got out. Then, they had to remove the handlebars and lower this bike to the ground using the rope. Next, they went down, mounted the handlebars back on, muscled the machine back up the embankment.

Both riders and their motorcycles went back home unscathed, and the video below really shows you how vulnerable you are as the biker even if you are not riding on the streets. One simple mistake and you are out.



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