The Microlino: Small Smooth EV for The Earth Lover


Electric Vehicle

This car has a length of 2.4 meters and can occupy enough space for 2 adult passengers. Unlike a car in general, the driver and passengers of this car will be able to get out of the car through one front door. This tiny car also has a fairly light weight of 400 kg.

For charging power, Microlino can be plugged into various local power sockets and will be fully charged for 4 hours, but if you use a Type 2 connector it can be charged for one hour.


It’s Fast!

Microlino is supported by lithium-ion batteries with a choice of two capacities, namely 8 kWh and 14.4 kWh. Based on the homologation test, smaller units are said to offer a range of up to 126 km, while larger batteries offer up to 202 km.

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