Thieves stole a 2017 Silverado Redline edition wheels Not for so long!

If there’s one thing that I think the majority of people can’t stand, it’s a thief. When you hear about somebody getting their hard earned possession stolen, it’s enough to get anyone angry. It really leaves you to ponder why people can’t just go out there and work hard for themselves to earn what they want instead of stealing it from someone else who has invested all their effort into getting something nice. These people really are the bottom of the barrel and you can’t help but look at them in disgust and wonder why some act the way that they do.

In this one, we follow along with quite the story as thieves ripped off a couple of sets of wheels from a dealership, including those off of a Redline Chevrolet Silverado. It might not seem like that big of a deal that when you consider the fact that these wheels are worth around $6000, it really puts things into perspective as to how big of an impact a crime like this would have, even on a dealership that cranks out tons of vehicles every day.


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