When You Think Your 8X8 Hemitt Wrecker is Mean, Then You Get Incredibly Stuck!

If you’re a fan of automobiles that simply get the job done, you can’t overlook something like the 8×8 Hemitt Wrecker. This thing is simply as bad as it gets and there something about the utility behind this machine that simply makes you want to look at it and watch as it uses all that muscle to get the job done.

There’s just a simple sense of satisfaction about something with this much utility that makes us gearheads drool over it. On top of it all, it seems like a vehicle like this is truly unstoppable as, with eight drive wheels, you’d think it would be pretty difficult to find a way to get this thing wedged into a position that it couldn’t find a way to wiggle itself out of with all that maneuverability.

This time, however, we definitely found just that situation as this 8×8 manages to find its way into a deep mud pit, one that this driver probably got a little bit overzealous with and ended up trying to tackle as he went at it with a lot of confidence in his machinery. It’s not clear if he actually had to take this route but instead it almost looks like he just wanted to prove exactly what this thing could do but the whole plan ended up backfiring as the machine would get wedged into the mud in such a way that it wouldn’t be able to move anymore.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll see the exact moment that this monstrous machine got itself nice and stuck. This certainly isn’t something that you run into every day but is really going to be a situation that has these people using even more resources in order to get it out. What do you do, after all, when the big dog of rescue vehicles, that usually is the one doing the pulling, gets nice and wedged in the place?

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