If you think steel can not be compared with aluminum, watch this new F-150 and think again!

There were many people that doubted the idea of Ford engineers to create the F150 in aluminum rather than the industry standard in steel. To get that idea completely out of your head we suggest watching this video!

we have taken the old Ford and the New aluminum one and put them against each other.
Not on the road, not in a race but in front of a field while a baseball player, a hockey player, and a tennis player tried throwing balls against the two cars to see which one would be stronger.

The competition was hard to let’s say since it took so much effort to make it obvious whether the Ford had made the right thing replacing steel with aluminum.

So a tennis ball, a baseball and a puck in a certain speed are thrown against these vehicles. Some of them left their prints but if you got curious to check the video and take one side, the old or new Ford.

The choice is up to you but we are pretty sure that the results are visible and let us say Ford never makes mistakes.

Check it out!




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