This Turbo LSX Nitrous Powered Toyota Hilux Is a Monster!

The hooligans at Hoonigan have done it again. These guys have found another ride that has the most amazing story and an animated driver to tell it. Josh from Vague Industries has built one of the most ridiculous trucks I’ve personally ever seen, and honestly, I’m just mad as I can be that I don’t have the vision or creativity to come up with something like this on my own.

Josh has built a Toyota Hilux pickup, only if you didn’t know that’s what it was, few people would have any idea what this build was when it started because there’s really not much left of the stock platform, at least not that is visible to the naked eye.

Josh actually built the truck on a three month long road trip, traveling across the country – literally driving 3000 miles from New Hampshire to California – as he built the truck into the project you see before you.

Under, and sticking through, the hood is a boosted 5.3 liter LS powerplant with a 100 shot of nitrous to cool the incoming air. While the truck only ran 13.2’s in the quarter mile at Tucson, it should have the power to go quite a bit quicker, perhaps if he can score some better tires.

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