This Tiny Functional V8 Engine Is Entirely Made Out Of Paper And It Is Amazing!

Did you know that this V8 engine is almost made out of paper?

We all imagine engines as powerful stuff with a lot of effort put in there and of course, a really good material that makes is resist. But who know that engines can even be made out of papers?

The man in the video recreated a V8 engine but wait, made out of paper and that is the coolest thing you will see today.
From the piston to the throttles the paper is all around. And what’s the greatest thing is that is functional, yes you are right, is totally functional.

This engine is the size of your hand with a 6mm pistol and 5.5 mm diameter of the cylinder. You can power it manually with your fingers and if you connect it with a can of compressed air you can hear the little engine roaring. Isn’t it totally amazing? Now go home and create you own paper engine.

Make something you will be proud of yourself and feel the result roaring in your own hands. This little creation is just impressive and it comes from the most unimaginable thing that we see every day but don’t think of using it in an engine, a functional engine.



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