Tiny Honda Civic Pulls Huge Ford Diesel Onto SEMI Truck

Sometimes, videos float around out there with the pure reason of talking smack and after laying eyes on this one, we would have to say that this may be just that video. We’re on the scene as a Ford dually is being pushed on a car hauling trailer for whatever reason and in order to get it there, the help of a peppy little Honda Civic is enlisted, pushing this car further than most probably thought that it was capable of as it huffs and puffs and pulls the massive truck up the incline as that little engine pounds its heart out and starts to break a sweat as it yanks on the massive Ford behind it, trying to get everything in place for towing purposes.

You wouldn’t think that a car that small could have towing capabilities like this but as the man behind the camera films this situation that has the Ford rolling up the trailer and ripping the bumper off of a second truck in the process, he sounds mighty impressed at how hard that little engine is huffing and puffing. All of the action was captured at an auto auction and the guy recording says he knew that it would be funny so he took the time to pull out his phone and go to town!

Check out the video down below that shows off the Honda flexing its muscles and be sure to tell us what you think of this situation that’s obscure to say the least. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that this might be a prime example of why you might want to take a second look at a car if you know that it’s ever been through an auction like this! All three of these vehicles look like they’ve seen better days with better treatment!



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