Top 5 Movie Car Chase Scenes of All Time!

We`ve all seen the typical Hollywood car chases. And they are more or less the same. Either a rushed group of cars crashes into a shopwindow or pass through a barricade, which would otherwise be impossible to pass and get out of it alive. However, these angry cars seem to manage quite well. They get out of the rush with just a few scratches or less. However, there are some scenes that marked the movie industry and now every director tries to copy the very same features.

Therefore we give you the 5 best chase scenarios, which we found legendary and very amusing. Read on!

1. Bullitt (1968)

Builtt is definitely the movie that leveled up the expectations for a quality car chase. Bill Hickman (again) has the honor of driving the raging, muscle Dodge Charger all over San Francisco. The scenes were spiced up with amusing overhead shots from the indoor cameras.


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