Towing a Boat Has Never Looked So Extreme… This Guy Went All Out!

We really don’t have any context for why this video exists, but to be honest, none is really needed, because it’s just plain crazy to watch This guy has loaded up his boat, which appears to be a good sized fishing boat, on the trailer and hooked it up to his Ram pickup and is hauling ass somewhere at a pretty high rate of speed.

Even crazier, the fact that he’s running these speeds through he sand, and we don’t mean there’s a little sand on the roadway. The sand is the roadway, and it’s not slowing this guy down a bit, and neither are the onlookers that are cheering him on. Dodge’s Ram brand of pickups are well known for their towing abilities, offering some of the most impressive capacities in the truck world, but we aren’t sure this is what they had in mind when they built this truck.

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