Tremendous Splash! 24 Most Insanely Fulfilling Vessel Launches Ever Recorded On Camera!

When a huge vessel is launch, it hits the water with a vast splash. Seriously speaking, we wonder if the people will ever get used to watching those enormous ships being dumped in such a brutal way into the water. Sometimes you wonder if they are going to emerge back up.

It looks more like an accident then a ship launch. It is truly a sight to bask upon. In this video, you can watch a compilation that is consisted of 24 spectacular vessel launches ever recorded. You`ll see a vessel after vessel being dumped in water and going sideways in a very scary way.

The methods of these vessel launches look very crude indeed. However, this is pure science and everything is calculated. Long before the vessel is even finished, the engineers have run the numbers in order to make sure they can launch the ship safely in the desired space.

Most of these launches are called “side-launches.” Side-launches are both reliable and cheap. Also, this method of launching doesn`t need much space. Other method is stern-first launches, but far from spectacular like the former.

At the end of the video you`ll even see four helicopters carrying a gigantic ship. Make sure to watch the video and experience the satisfying

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