Truck Driver Arrested After Swerving To Avoid Deer, Nearly Crashing Into Police Chief’s House

A truck driver crashed into a tree and ended up just feet from former police chief’s home, after swerving to avoid a deer in Rutland, Massachusetts, on Thursday morning.

After hearing the crash around 7:15 a.m., former police Chief Ralph H. Anderson left his house to check on the driver.

“It was a big crash,” he said. “I would say if it had been loaded, it would probably have ended up in the house. I wouldn’t have wanted that,” Anderson told reporters.

According to Worcester Telegram and Gazette, the driver of the truck, 28-year-old Kevin Whaely, of Georgia, told police that he was headed north on Pleasantdale Road when swerved to avoid a door and ended up running off the road. He then struck a tree before coming to a stop in front of the home.

The driver was not hurt in the crash but was arrested for negligent driving and driving under the influence of drugs.



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